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RAN Online’s Gunner class unleashed at Domination V


By Calvin / April 3, 2011

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In the 5th annual Domination V event held yesterday at the SMX Convention Center, IP e-Games unveiled the newest and much-awaited class for its campus-based MMORPG RAN game RAN Online.

The Gunner class was actually made available last March 29 and is the fifth character class available to RAN online players and its arrival marks the game’s fifth year anniversary. This versatile class is seen as a multi-role unit that has three builds. POW for long-range sniping, DEX for dual-wield and INT for enchantments and mob summoning. Very interesting game strategies will surely develop from this new class when grouped with current character classes ““ Brawler, Swordsman, Archer, and Shaman.


New and old players can build a Gunner character right away with no requirements needed unlike the Extreme class released last year. The new gameplay that this new character class offers will intrigue veteran and former players to come back and once again don the uniforms of the rival Mystic Peak, Phoenix and Sacred Gate schools.

Any RAN players here? What can you say about this new class?

Power One

IP e-Games also let us into this exciting piece of news during the media briefing that would surely entice old players the come back. Some time this May (no specific date yet), there will be one-hour of excitement that’s never heard of in the history of RAN Online. In a span of one hour, there will be an 11x exp bonus across all eight RAN Online servers. That’s not a typo folks, it’s 11exp. Not only that, they will giving away exciting prizes such as SkullCandy headsets, Razer gaming mice, etc. to random players online at that time.

We’ll keep you posted once we get the specifics from them in the coming weeks.

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